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Alien Interview | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Venture Blue Book 2016

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UFO Contact in 2016 is NASA & OTHERS finding your way through Aliens in 2016??? 👽
Extraordinary Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964. Topic had been named ‘EBE-3’ and occured captive for 5 days. Topic disappeared from national records on date with this event. This movie is from MAJ 12 therefore EBE 3 12. 9th SUMMER 1964 PROJECT NO.220675 :LEAKED by Edward Snowden August 21, 2016 +THIS VIDEO CANNOT BE DEBUNKED+ :audio is best suited with a laptop computer:
UFO / ET DISCLOSURE “Disclosure” could be the name directed at the statement by different world governmental leaders that we aren’t alone inside universe which, indeed, many events of galactic beings tend to be right here for this earth and have already been for some time. They truly are right here on peaceful missions, a fact which governments have actually generally held concealed from their people until really recently. Disclosure finishes the period of privacy that expands to at the very least 1947 and most likely a lot earlier in the day. The rehearse of doubting that ET UFOs or spacecraft exist happens to be a policy followed closely by most governments for differing reasons, some laudable, most sadly maybe not. The period where presence of other civilizations technologically and spiritually much more evolved than ours happens to be rejected has become closing and a period of galactic contact and collaboration is beginning.

FAIR USE NOTICE: This movie may consist of copyrighted material. These types of material is created readily available for academic functions only. This comprises a ‘fair usage’ of every these types of copyrighted material as given to in Title 17 U.S.C. area 106A-117 associated with the U.S. Copyright Law.

#Disclosure. It’s a complex topic, particularly even as we head towards November 2016 US.Presidential election.


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