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GoPro: HERO5 – A Journey Through Mexico

Great Videos about the fantastic brand new go pro Hero 5! Incredible movie high quality!   Follow Tatiana and Paco while they encounter their property nation of Mexico like no time before; ziplining across vast Copper Canyon, ...Read More

GoPro HERO5 + Karma: The Launch in 4K

Great Videos about the all NEW go pro Hero 5! Unbelievable video high quality! A lot more than a drone: Karma is an aerial, hand-held and mountable stabilization solution. And indeed, it includes a drone! Hollywood ...Read More

GoPro: The New GoPro Experience

Great Videos about the very new NEW go pro Hero 5! Incredible  movie quality! Our goal will be produce a personal experience enabling you to capture great content, and easily modify & share it utilizing the ...Read More

Astronomy for Beginners – Getting Started Stargazing!

Astronomy – Getting Started Stargazing! In this informative video, here are some tips and insight into the steps you need to take to get into stargazing: establishing a location, useful beginner accessories, observing tips, using binoculars, and more! We recommend ...Read More

Presenting brand-new Fitbit Blaze™ awesome Viral video Get exercise any way you like with brand-new Fitbit Blaze™ – the smartest, many motivating, many fashionable fitness tracker yet. This flexible watch meets effortlessly into your life with a sleek design, an enhanced ...Read More

How to Get Started with Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2. Trust us the screen is by part of the biggest attention grabber with the gear fit to nearly every aspect has been improved. They’ve added in ip68 rating built-in GPS, a barometer, 512 megabytes of ram, and 4 gigabytes of internal storage and as usual ...Read More

Amazing dive! Swim like a dolphin!

Swim like a dolphin with this awesome swim gadget! This is one of the latest technology and smart gadgets to hit the market, and more importantly accessible to the masses. ...Read More

How to make a Waterproof Case

How to make a Waterproof Case How to make a box for underwater shooting. Usually, box for underwater shooting costs as much as the camera itself. That’s why I’m going to make a waterproof case. I believe that everyone can ...Read More

10 Futuristic Things You Can Buy Online

Futuristic gadgets you can now buy online Cleverpet, Helix wearable cuff, Vufine, Holus, Windamp, 3DSimo Mini, Adaptative Saber Parts, Deus Ex Aria, Gecko movable light switch, ZUtA Pocket Printer ...Read More

Awesome New Technology Gadgets and Inventions 2016

In this video you will discover Awesome New Technology Gadgets and Inventions in 2016 like Night vision contacts, Metal detecting shoes, Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, iphone, projector, eletricity free iphone speakers, Jumping Stilts (10 feet High, 20 Mph !), Umbrella that creates a force-field of ...Read More