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Plants & Animals Archive

Cats Playing Patty-cake

Cats Playing Patty Cake, what they were saying… Imagine what it would be if you could hear cats talking…This funny viral cat video is absolutely hilarious! šŸ˜‰ “Pat-a-cake, ...Read More

Amazing science experiments compilation

Some of the most insane and amazing science experiments compilation. For example, you will see a water melon slow compressed by 420 rubber bands and suddenly exploding! So sit back and enjoy! ...Read More

Cat versus Deers!

A charming group of wild deers arrives in the city. Encounter with a cut cat Their path crosses that of a little cat which stops moving immediately, and they seem a little shy of each other , but curiosity is too strong … Very cute and very ...Read More

How Can a Cheetah Runs 60 Miles/Hour?

How can a Cheetah run 60 miles/hour? Why does a Blue Whale consume 1.5 billion calories (7,000 pounds of food) per day? How can a hippo walk under water? Here is why and how… ...Read More