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NASA tips: UFO’s and Aliens (Special Report)

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A Special look inside a few of the most compelling tales of UFO’s and aliens taped by NASA.

Various other Mister Enigma videos:

Ancient Screw Found That Dates Over The Age Of The Dinosaurs. Alien Tech?

UFO’s Spotted Everywhere During Soyuz Docking With All The ISS On 9/15/15.

Dead Alien Found Under Collapsed building On Mars?

UFO Crash At Yellowstone National Park Exploding Towards A Green Flash?

Giant Triangle UFO Seen From Plane Near Great Britain?

Orb UFOs Seen Near Chemtrails Above Nevada?

Helmet And Gun Present In Mars Photos?

Dead Alien Astronaut Seen On The Moon By Chinese Rover?

Another UFO Seen At Volcano Colima? Cigar-shaped UFO This Time.

Ebony Knight Satellite UFO Seen Once Again By The International Universe?

Area Musical Heard By Apollo 10 Astronauts During Dark Side Of Moon?

Levitating Items Observed In Mars Photos?

Huge UFO Blasts Out Of The Sunlight?

UFO Warship Shooting Energy At Earth Seen By The ISS?

Alien Glove Entirely On Mars? Hand Of Statue Or Dead Getting?

Huge UFO With 3 Lights Passes At The International Universe.

1000’s Of Alien Buildings Entirely On Mars? Amazingly Detailed Structures.

Earth X (Nibiru) Seen Close To The Sunlight By A NASA Telescope? Or UFO?

UFO Seen Releasing Orb Over Spokane Valley, Washington.

Alien Sarcophagus Entirely On Mars In Curiosity Rover Picture?

Frameworks On Mars Much Like Stonehenge In England?

Performed The Phoenix Lights UFO Fly Over Florida This Week?

Giant Cigar-shaped UFO’s Surround Pluto In NASA Picture?

4 Brilliant UFO’s Filmed Over Roswell, NM From An Airplane?

Huge UFO In Earths Orbit For 10 Months?

Unusual Beams Of Light From The Sky Becoming Spotted All Over The World.

Alien Monkey Or Baboon Seen On Mars?

Huge UFO Filmed Over Smyrna, Tennessee?

UFO Drainage Energy From The Sunlight Once Again?

Alien Worm Present In Mars Rover Picture? (Mars Mysteries)

The Orion’s Belt Conspiracy. Tend To Be We The Aliens?

UFO Seen Crashing Over Prince Edward Island In Canada?

Huge Cigar-shaped UFO Witnessed Trailing Thunderstorm In Clinton Township, Michigan?

UFO Or Creature Drainage Energy From The Sunlight Once Again?

Huge UFO Entry Based In The Himalayas?

UFO Crash Site Present In Antarctica?

Alien Mysteries: 3 Mile High Spire On The Moon?

Train Wheels And Axel Entirely On Mars?

Astronaut Screams “Oh My Jesus” After Witnessing A UFO?

UFO Seen Flying Through Lava During Volcano Colima Eruption.

UFO Filmed Changing Way Repeatedly Over Australian Continent.


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