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Spacerail Level 9 : Complete circuit video

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SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself marble roller coasters. You can assemble it and have fun building, including cutting track to the correct size. You can alos forme cubes, loops, runs, drops and attaching everything to metal rods in the plastic base. When it is finally assembled, you can enjoy hours of rolling metal ball entertainment!

SpaceRail Level 9

SpaceRail Level 9 is one of the most intricate and complex set available in the ‘Spacerail’ series of marble coasters. The best place to buy a spacerail or roller coaster kit is actually on Amazon where you can find all levels and the best prices.

For those who don’t know what Spacerail is, it’s effectively a series of marble roller coasters which come as kits of various metal rods, plastic rails and arms/holders which are then put together using the (horridly translated Chinese) instruction sheets. They are actually Chinese counterfeits of the old 80s ‘Spacewarp’ kit. However, given how the authentic spacewarp kits are virtually impossible to get nowadays, Spacerail remains the next best option.

Due to difficulty during testing, my construction of Spacerail Level 9 omits the ‘double time tunnel’ stunt and instead replaces it with a simpler series of 3 loops that I call a ‘triple nebula’.

Enjoy this guided tour, thanks to Jonathan Dixon!

spacerail level 9

Spacerail level 9 completely mounted

And when you will be an expert, you may be able to build something like this 😉 : 

If you have finished any of the space rail series, you can post a photo of your realisation below and tell us a bit about your history with it, for example how much time it took to built the SpaceRail, which Level it, etc…

Do you have some advices for other fan of the space rails ? If you have Youtube video about, you can post it as well!

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